2 great new features in Power BI April update (quick measures and add column by example)

Microsoft released Power BI April update a few days ago. I am very excited about 2 new features -quick measures and add column by example. These 2 new features are great for Power BI beginners because now you can add measures and custom columns without needing to know DAX and Power Query M language. Power BI will automatically create them for you. It’s also a great way of learning DAX and M by looking at the code generated by Power BI.

You can create a quick measure by selecting Quick measures from the field menu, either in the field of a chart or from the field list.


In the dialog, you can pick any of the 19 different calculations to perform on the selected measure. Depending on the calculation, you’ll have different required parameters you’ll need to fill in. You can also change the fields being used in the calculation using the field list on the right half of the dialog. Click below link for more detailed info on this feature.


The add column by example feature is really like Flash Fill introduced in Excel 2013. It works like by manually typing some sample values you want then Power BI will apply the same transformation rule to other rows of the same column. The more sample values you type the more accurate it will get. Watch below video for a complete run down of how it’s doing the magic.

P.S. Quick measure is a preview feature so you need to go to option menu to enable it

Click File menu in your ribbon and choose Options and Settings, click on Options to open Options dialog, then click Preview features to enable it


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